Are mid-winter blues increasing your pain levels?

The Mid Winter Blues can increase pain levels for nerve-related pain sufferers, unfortunately – but thankfully, #MiCalmare can help!  Cat with the Winter Blues

Young woman suffering the winter blues and increased pain

With the pain part – for the mid winter blues, you’ll just have to book a vacation to head South!!Cat with the Winter Blues

There are many articles referencing the link between stress and pain and mood and pain.  It is becoming common knowledge that the nerve synapses in the brain are connected – not only for memory and learning, but also pain and mood.  Have you done your research?  If you are to take care of yourself – the best way to do so is by becoming your own best advocate.  Do your research to find out what works best for you with your particular problems.

In the meantime, check out this article from Stanford University and while we are waiting to hear back the progress from the CHOIR – contact us to see how Calmare can help you with your chronic nerve pain!

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