Millions of people are being affected by gabapentin – are you one of them?

Unfortunately, we have seen the bad effects of gabapentin – even Valium – time and time again! But, thankfully – MiCalmare can help!

This UK article in the Daily Mail talking about Rachel gives all the details about it!Daily Mail

We have patient after patient entering our office telling us they take gabapentin for their nerve-related pain.  Many patients are taking these medications unaware of the little science behind them before hitting the market making it available to the everyday person.

No, gabapentin is not a viable solution to the opioid epidemic happening in our country right now.  Nor is Valium or Tramadol.  You, yourself, may be taking some of these to help alleviate the pain.  But, if you have been on any of them for any set amount of time then you will understand that it feels like it requires more and more medication to be able to obtain the same amount of relief that you perceived upon first taking it.

Thankfully, we have the ability to provide relief – without medications – without risk of addiction and costs of prescription after prescription and monthly doctor visit copays – you will realize that our treatments are not that much more expensive than all of the above.  Plus, you have the benefit of not being dependent upon medication to relieve pain – which also means none of the side effects of the medications, i.e., constipation, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, sluggishness and drowsiness, etc.

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