What kind of pain do you suffer?

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You don’t have to suffer!  MiCalmare can help!!

Please contact us – you don’t have to keep suffering.  MiCalmare has helped many people be able to get their lives back – and even get back to work!  

Calmare is a neuromodulating device that is applied with surface electrodes to the skin in non-painful areas.  Calmare’s dials are turned up in small increments thereby eradicating pain.  Sounds too simple to be true, right?  But it is that basic.

For those of you that are still skeptical and need more information – when one is suffering from chronic pain – that simply means that the original cause of the pain is healed (a foot fracture, for example) but the pain lingers on.  This message of pain being sent to the brain is no longer needed as the original injury has healed.  But, this pain pathway continues.  Now let’s look at how Calmare affects that.  When the electrodes are applied to the skin in non-painful areas and the dials are turned up, this neuromodulating device is actually sending a “no pain” message to the brain on those same pain pathways via 16 different algorithms.  The brain then receives that “no pain” message and sends the message back to the area where the electrodes are surrounding.  Thus, no more pain.

We have found the best results to be following a regimen of 10 treatments.  For some, it may be less and for others it may be more.  But, once the pain is gone, there is no need to continue treatment.

Calmare has no side effects and is noninvasive.  There are no medications involved.  Just simply an initial examination by our physician, Richard Ilka, M.D., and an hour for treatment once the best placement of the leads is decided.

You decide if your time and money are better spent going to multiple doctor office visits for examinations, more medication refills that don’t work with major side effects and continuing to suffer in pain – versus contacting us and finding relief.


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