Here you will find a list of multiple publication-links about Calmare Therapy:

There are multiple Publication-Links that describe how, why and where Calmare Therapy has been used. Please browse the links below.

Calmare Therapy and Cancer-Related Neuropathic Pain

Double Blind Study in Low Back Pain

Decreased Pain Severity and Differential Gene Expression

Case Reports in Pediatrics

Mayo Clinic and Chemotherapy Induced Neuropathic pain

Calmare Therapy and Shingles Clinical Trial

Artificial Neurons in Oncologic Pain by G. Marineo

An Innovative and Effective Treatment for Chronic Neuropathic Pain

Please note that the above links have been collected by our various searches in the greatest and latest information on Calmare Therapy. This is geared toward the clinical side of Calmare with clinical trials and publications in medical journals, etc.

Below is a story shared by Mayo Clinic’s Charles Loprinzi, M.D., discussing how Calmare (previously known as Scrambler) works for one of his patients with peripheral neuropathy.


Breaking Away From Pain With the Help of ‘The Scrambler’


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