Unable to get away for the long weekend because of too much pain?  Contact us

Were there a whole bunch of possibilities of things for you to do for the holiday weekend but you are just in too much pain to be able to do them?  It is high time to change that!

I can definitely relate!  I suffer with chronic regional pain syndrome. What is CRPS? It is a burning flame sensation on my skin that never goes away. Mine was caused from a surgery, but it can also be caused by an injury. This pain keeps me from functioning very well, and it definitely keeps me from enjoying things with my family over the long holiday weekend! But, Mi Calmare (Michigan Calmare) helps me manage my pain so that I can actually live my life without medications! MiCalmare uses a machine called Calmare or what some know as “Scrambler”. This machine takes away pain by use of surface electrodes applied to the skin in non-painful areas, turning on a dial and very quickly – the pain is gone!


You don’t have CRPS? Great! But you still have some other kind of nerve pain that is keeping you from enjoying your life, otherwise you wouldn’t have read this far I’m guessing. Well, Mi Calmare can help with low back pain and tons of other nerve pain problems too. Mi Calmare even helps fibromyalgia and migraines!

Do you have tingling or numbness in your hands or feet from chemotherapy or diabetes? Guess what? Mi Calmare will work for you!

Contact us now to find out if the pain you are suffering from can be helped by this amazing medical marvel so that you don’t have to turn down those long weekend plans due to too much pain the next time!

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