What If?

What if…

What if there was a nonpharmacological solution to the opioid crisis?  What if that solution did not cause a replacement addiction?  What if the solution did not require an invasive surgery?  What if this solution was covered by health insurance nationwide and affordable to all patients?

#MiCalmare proposes that we have the answer to these questions and much more!  MiCalmare has a nonpharmacological pain-relieving solution to take place of opioids and other addictive medications.  MiCalmare does not require invasive surgery.  MiCalmare is actively advocating to get this treatment covered in Michigan (since it is in many other states).

How?  Watch this video to find out more:

Governor Snyder’s State of the State Address

MLive didn’t find the opioid crisis worthy of being listed in the top 10 highlights of the State of the State address by Governor Snyder.  #MiCalmare feels it should be in the top five.  This opioid epidemic is affecting the lives of so many Michiganders in ways that are even made available in the public eye.  Families are being torn apart, jobs are being lost, people are turning to heroin as a cheaper form of self-medicating, and so much more.

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